About Cloud Partner Network

Our Vision

To make it easy for you to bring your customers the right telecom and cloud solutions. 

Our Mission

We strive to be your comprehensive, one-stop support center for telecom and cloud services VAR.

Our Values

We want to help you deliver a positive experience and top-quality service to your customers.

Customer Integrity

VARs don't just provide services, they provide solutions. With telecom and cloud, your clients often have a specific need that must be met and together we can provide the perfect service solution.

Passion and Creativity

Anyone can place an order, but the real value for a VAR is to offer insight, planning, and expertise. We want to dive beneath the surface; understanding a customer's infrastructure and developing the right service packages.


Humanity did not reach the moon with a single person working alone. Big dreams require teamwork and we want to help you reach for the stars.

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