Telecom Audits

Finding ways to reduce costs and recoup overcharges without changing carriers!

At ComAudit Services, we’ve had a consistent vision of leveraging experience and technology to develop new and more effective strategies to assist our clients with their telecommunication services. Our Audits are some of the most comprehensive in the industry today, including an innovative approach to Wireless Auditing.

While companies implement internal controls, employ competent staff and utilize sophisticated software systems, these measures do not provide assurances against all losses. Transaction intensive environments and the industries’ ever changing developments are the main cause of billing errors, overcharges and over-payments. Our risk free, contingency-based service improves clients’ profitability by:

  • Recovering past errors
  • Optimizing services
  • Identifying opportunities that result in future cost savings
  • Implementing changes on your behalf and following through to fruition

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